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What is a Personal Web Site?

A personal web site is as service allowing you to create and store your very own Web pages on Norwood Light's Broadband servers. You can create and publish web pages using any standard HTML tools.

Norwood Light provides this service as part of your subscription to our Broadband Internet service.

100 Megabytes of storage is included in each web/email account.


Why create a web site?

There are many reasons why you may want to create a Web site. A Web site is your personal area on the World Wide Web (WWW). Your website is public and may be seen by any person with Internet access.  You may use your web site for:

  • Sharing news and photographs with family and friends.
  • Sharing your favorite hobby.
  • And many other uses.


Creating a Web site is easy and Norwood Light Broadband will help you get started.

What is my Personal Web Site Address?

Your Personal Web site address is:

Account Name is the name of your email account.  The name to the left of the @ in your email address. (i.e. would have an personal web site of:   )


How do I get started building my web site?

First you will need to create a web page using a popular software program such as Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Word or any other program that can create HTML files.

The first page you will create will be your home page.  Your home page will be the first page that appears when a user visits your website.  Your home page must be named default.html

Below are some helpful sites about creating web pages:



How do I upload my web pages to my web site? 

  1. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is used to upload and manage all your web files. Any standard FTP client can be used. Internet Explorer will also work.
  2. Filezilla is a free FTP client get Filezilla here. that get good marks.
  3. The FTP site to connect to is:
  4. If your browser supports FTP you can click on to connect to your website
  5. Login using your email account and password
  6. This is your home personal website directory. You may now transfer files to this directory. If using Internet Explorer, you may drag and drop files into your folder
  7. Your web page is now available to the world.