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The Norwood Municipal Light Department’s (NLD) Conservation and Load Management Program is a demand side management program designed to conserve energy, save money, and help control load growth.  Some of the main objectives of the program have been to conserve energy and to save money.  Customers can conserve energy, and therefore save money, because the program is designed to use more efficient electrical appliances and devices.  Examples of this are the free energy efficient light bulbs the NLD gives away to residential customers and the increased emphasis on education and energy audits we provide.  Another primary objective of the program was to slow the growth of the NLD’s peak demand, which would reduce the need to add capital equipment to provide for this capacity.  The conservation programs deferred the need for two new feeders that would have been needed and delayed the need for a new substation by several years (the program began in 1991 and the new substation was not built until 2002).  By delaying the need for the station by several years there was an additional savings on the interest of the capital expenditure.

The Conservation and Load Management Program is comprised of several programs; Residential Compact Fluorescent Bulb Giveaway Program, Controlled Residential Water Heater Program, Uncontrolled Electric Water Heater Program, Residential Energy Star Appliance Rebate Program, Residential energy audits and education, Commercial / Industrial Lighting Retrofit Program, Small Commercial Energy Audits and Capacitor Installation.

These Programs have been established and are ongoing.  As mentioned previously, these programs conserve energy, save money, and help control load growth.  Since 1992 these programs have saved the Town more than three million dollars.

Controlled Residential Electric Water Heater Program

The Residential Controlled Water Heater Program was designed for customers who have a separate electric meter for their electric water heater. The electric hot water heater is directly controlled by the Norwood Light Department rather than by time clocks, as in the past.  This allows the NLD to shut off these electric water heaters during the Town’s peak demand periods.  In return, these customers are billed at a lower off-peak rate for allowing NLD to control their electric water heaters.  Previously, these water heaters were shut-off by time clocks for a period of 4 to 6 hours daily.  Under the new system these hot water heaters are shut-off only as the Town approaches its peak (usually between 11am and 4pm) and are shut off for less time (2 to 3 hours normally and only on weekdays). The customers have hot water available for longer hours and have less inconvenience. At the same time, the Town has better control of its peak demand.

There were 672 of these meters to be replaced and these have all been done.  This program is monitored and maintained to ensure that these water heaters are shut-off as the Town approaches its peak demand.

Uncontrolled Electric Water Heater Program

The Residential Uncontrolled Water Heater Program is for customers who have electric water heaters that are metered through their regular electric meter. These customers are able to have a switch installed at their electric hot water tank, at no cost to them, which allows the Town to control their water heater for a few hours during the Town’s peak electric usage.  These switches are remotely controlled by the Light Department from their office on Central Street and are being installed by the NLD licensed electrician.  In return these customers receive a credit of $4 dollars per month on their electric bill, or $48 dollars per year.  If you would like to sign up for this program please call the Light Department billing office at (781) 948-1150.

Energy Star Appliance Rebate Program

Norwood Municipal Light Department is pleased to offer rebates to our customers when they purchase selected energy efficient Energy Star refrigerators, central air conditioners, washing machines, dishwashers, unit air conditioners, computers, monitors or monitors.   Energy Star appliances have been defined by the Department of Energy (DOE) as being significantly more energy efficient than the average comparable model.  If you would like an application you can click on the link below or pickup an application at our offices located at 206 Central Street.

Link to Energy Star Appliance Rebate Application (version is in Microsoft Publisher) 

Free Home Energy Audits and Educational Materials

The Light Department still offers free home energy audits to our residential customers.  We are presently using ECHO to perform these audits.

Energy Conservation help is just a phone call away……..


Remaining strong with our long-standing commitment to energy conservation and the community we serve, the Norwood Municipal Light Department reminds you about our Residential Conservation Service program.   This service is designed to provide Norwood residential customers with information on how to conserve energy and reduce energy costs.

If you have questions concerning energy conservation, or if you simply have a concern about a specific end-use, such as an appliance, or conservation measure (e.g. insulation), the “Energy Hotline” provided by Echo the sustainability management enterprise of Energy New England, is available.  Simply call the toll free number 1-888-772-4242 during business hours.  An ENE Energy Conservation Representative will be happy to assist with your questions or send you information and tips on how to save energy.

If you would like to request a free Energy Audit of your residence, the Representative at that number can also coordinate this service on your behalf. The Energy Audit consists of a certified Energy Advisor who will visit your home and compile a comprehensive energy evaluation report.  This report will identify ways to enhance both the energy efficiency and comfort of your home and, potentially reduce energy costs.

If you would like more information on Energy Conservation services available to you, please contact the Energy Hotline at: 1-888-772-4242.

This service is provided to you by Norwood Municipal Light Department

Ways to Save Energy
  1. Turn off lights when not needed.
  2. Remove unneeded light bulbs.
  3. When replacing bulbs, use lower wattage or more efficient types.  Compact Fluorescent bulbs use approximately 1/4 as much energy as regular incandescent lamps.
  4. Lower your heating settings.
  5. Raise your air conditioning settings.
  6. Reduce heating and air conditioning during unoccupied hours.
  7. Reduce heating and air conditioning a short time before the end of your operating hours.
  8. Have your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems serviced and adjusted.
  9. Turn off machines and equipment when not needed.
  10. Make sure all automatic controls are in good working condition and are set properly.
  11. Tighten up window and door frames.  Also, repair, replace, or install weatherstripping.
  12. Replace broken glass.
  13. Cover window air conditioners in cold weather.
  14. Add building insulation.

Emergency Phone Numbers
Police 911
Fire 911
Ambulance 911
Light Department:
Service Change, Outages (781) 948-1100
Broadband (781) 948-1150
Billing Questions  (781) 948-1150
Public Works (781) 762-1413
School Dept – Admin. (781) 762-6804
Town Hall  (781) 762-1240

Helpful Hints in Case you Lose Power During a Storm:
  1. Call the Light Department at (781) 948-1100 and give your name, address, and phone number.
  2. Make sure you have an adequate supply of flashlights and batteries.  Also, if you use candles make sure you blow them out before you go to bed.
  3. Make sure you can get to your outdoor grill.  If you lose power you can use your grill for cooking, as well as boiling water (Do not bring the grill into your house to use it as this may cause a fire).
  4. Call the Police if you need to locate the nearest emergency rescue shelter that may be set-up.

Commercial / Industrial Lighting Retrofit Program

The Commercial / Industrial Lighting Retrofit Program is designed to help our business customers use energy efficient lighting to meet their lighting needs.  The objective of this program is to help overcome the present market barriers (primarily higher cost) to the installation of energy efficient lighting technologies. The Town, through the Light Department, assists businesses in determining the most effective way to accomplish this goal.  The Program is designed so that the Light Department will contribute a maximum of 50% of a project cost provided the grant is less than certain specified amounts.  In other words, if the total project cost is $12,000 then the Light Department will grant a maximum of $6,000, or if the total project cost is $50,000 then the Light Department will not grant more than $15,000.

The Town of Norwood Municipal Light Department (“NLD”) is pleased to continue its Commercial / Industrial Lighting Retrofit Program.  By participating in this program our commercial customers will not only be reducing their own electric bills, they will also be assisting the Town and its Electric Department in its goal to conserve energy and save money.

This program has been divided into four groups; (1) municipal, (2) small commercial, (3) medium commercial, and (4) large commercial / industrial.  The Town of Norwood will contribute a percentage (maximum of fifty percent) of the project cost, or up to certain specified limits depending upon the size of the customer.  The breakdown is as follows;

Group Name Customer Size NLD Max Contrib
Group 1 Municipal All Sizes $15,000
Group 2 Small Comm. Less than 11KVA $4,000
Group 3 Medium Comm. 100 to 500 KVA $
Group 4 Large Comm. Larger than 500 KVA $15,000

We would like to see all of our business customers take advantage of this worthwhile program in order to reduce their energy demand and to lessen their electric bills.  However, due to budgetary limitations only a certain number of projects can be undertaken this year.  Project proposals will be analyzed according to greatest kilowatt reduction during peak periods per cost of the project (NLD contribution).  Applications will be reviewed on a first-come-first-serve basis and the NLD will determine whether it deems a project worthwhile.  NLD determination as to whether a project is worthwhile is final and not subject to review.  All work must be completed and inspected to qualify for this program.

The NLD hopes this program will continue for several years and would like all its business customers to participate in this program.  Many customers may be surprised to find that up to 33% of their electrical consumption is from lighting.  By retrofitting their existing lighting customers can realize substantial and ongoing savings.  If you have any further questions concerning this program you may call Daniel Morrissey at (781) 948-1131 or email at dmorrissey@norwoodlight.com.

Capacitor Installation

The installation of capacitors along the Town’s distribution power lines increases the efficiency of the power being supplied. This program reduces the peak KVA demand and eliminates penalty charges in the Transmission Bills.  More than thirty of these capacitor units have been installed. Ten of these units are “on” at all times and the other units are switchable, in other words they can be turned “off” and “on” depending on the need to use them. The capacitors are operated automatically via monitoring points at three Light Department substations.  These monitoring points are used to turn the capacitors on and off depending on the efficiency (amount of kilovars) of the feeder where the capacitor is located.  The installation of these capacitors have reduced the peak demand by 6,900 kilovolt-amperes (KVA).